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eBook – “The journey of Nausicaa” – Monica Morganti

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Milan, 1927. Nausicaa, a young Milanese painter, has just bought
her ticket for the transatlantic voyage to New York, where
she will exhibit one of her paintings at the International Exhibition
of Modern Art in Brooklyn.
On the same day, however, she begins to suffer from a severe
form of photophobia that puts her imminent departure at risk.
These are the roaring years of jazz by Armstrong and Gershwin,
the books of Scott Fitzgerald and Pirandello, in a Milan full of
new buildings with Art Nouveau decorations and furnishings,
and Nausicaa is a child of those times…
In search of a decisive cure, she begins a journey into the nascent
analytical psychology with a student of Dr Jung, from
whom she learns to dialogue with her soul and understand the
symbolic meaning of her symptoms.
Who knows if this journey within herself will really take her to
New York…?


ISBN: 9791280990181
Formato: eBook
Collana: I romanzi dell’Anima


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